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How many would you like? uroprin coated ???What does it say about humanity and what will we save if we cannot find a way to share the earth with such an ancient, peaceful, non-threatening species like the Sumatran rhino,??? said Roth. ???The Sumatran rhino is a forest dwelling species and therefore also plays an integral role in maintaining the forest ecosystem.?? As a browser, it eats small saplings and brush allowing other young trees more room to grow and maintain the forest canopy.?? It acts as a seed disperser that??stimulates new growth in cleared areas and helps maintain the diversity of indigenous species throughout the forest.?? Together, these activities all help in maintaining a healthy forest which we know plays a significant role in absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and reducing the impact of climate change.?? So, if for no other reason, this is why the Midwestern American farmer who is tired of droughts and tornadoes and who is worried about how next year's crops will do and how the bills will get paid, should care about saving the Sumatran rhino.???

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